Velika can be reached from Požega by bus (APP Požega APP Požega - buses timetable), by train and taxi. Once in the Geopark in Velika, the points of interest are within walking distance.

Most visitors will probably arrive from the direction of Zagreb, either by plane, train, bus or car.

If you travel by car, the fastest way would be the Ivanja Reka - Lipovac highway with the exit at Nova Gradiška, from where you can go through Požega to Velika.

The bus would be the easiest option. Buses leave from the Zagreb bus terminal to Požega four times a day ( One-way ticket costs ca. EUR 15.

The train would be another option. If you choose to go by train (, you can go towards Velika with a stop at the Nova Kapela station.

From the east, Velika can be reached through several border-crossings towards Koprivnica, Virovitica, Donji Miholjac or Osijek. If you are arriving from the direction of Vinkovci, you can also travel by train, with a stop at Nova Kapela, or you can use the Lipovac - Ivanja Reka highway and exit at Lužani, then go through Pleternica towards Velika.

The organizers offer direct transfer from Zagreb to Velika for those who travel via Zagreb by train or by air on Sunday, May 28. Please indicate on the registration form if you intend to use this transportation, and give the arrival time of your flight/train. After we determine the number of possible passengers, we will contact the applicants for final confirmation.

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